Digital Payment

Five easy steps to pay your premier’s insurance premium through Khalti :  Digital Wallet & Online Payment Services in Nepal


1. Signup and login to Khalti app on your Smartphone or Khalti Web Dashboard,

pay insurance premium online

2. Tap on Insurance icon on the home screen and tap on ‘Premier Insurance’





3. Enter your Acceptance No provided by insurance company and tap on Get Details.



4. Type of insurance, Proforma Number, Sum Insured, Insured Description, and payable amount will appear on the screen. Tap on PAY BILL


5. Tap on OK button on the prompt box to complete the transaction

Your Premier Insurance Premium payment is successful. You will also receive an SMS on your phone about the confirmation of Premier Insurance Premium payment.

With these simple five steps, you can pay your Premier’s insurance premium through Khalti. And also if you do not have sufficient fund in you Khalti’s balance, you can still pay directly through e-banking and mobile-banking option available in the App.